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Transform YOUR Pain

I work with people who are tired of feeling held back by the scars of their past. I help them live the life they never thought possible.

Transform Your Pain in 90 days Healing Intensive is for you

if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

*A desire to become "unstuck" from old patterns 

*Avoidance of emotion by overuse of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, food, work, media, exercise, sugar, etc. 

*Feeling numb or blank

*Insecure attachment

*Feeling disconnected from your body

*Relationship struggles

*Feeling spacey and unable to connect to what people are saying to you 

*Not being able to remember much about the past

*Extreme shyness or social anxiety; over-apologizing

*Extreme self-doubt / not trusting your perceptions and intuition 

*Parenting and bonding concerns

*Developmental and birth trauma

*Birth planning / pregnancy stress 

*Flashbacks: re-experiencing past events through one or more senses (hearing, sight, emotions, body-felt sensation, etc.)

*Sense of insurmountable isolation

*Processes of grief and loss

*Abuse, Neglect, Assault



*Chronic fatigue syndrome

*Auto-immune symptoms

*Stage fright and finding one's voice

*Natural disasters 

*Creative and/or mental blocks




*Eating disorders

*Anger management 

*Low self esteem 

*Constant need for validation

*Any and all traumatic events


I am Lalena, an Advanced Transformational 

Coach and Somatic Trauma and Attachment Therapist. 


I specialize in helping my clients re-pattern and repair the scars of their past and find increased resiliency by realigning the central nervous system and liberating trauma bound energy.

In Transform Your Pain in 90 days Intensive you will receive:

*One session a week for 12 weeks ranging from 60-75 minutes long 

*Unlimited text and email support Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm 

*Action steps and homework to do in-between sessions to support  long lasting change

*Sessions customized to meet your specific needs

*Excellent handouts to support you long after your intensive

*A deep dive into the most cutting edge trauma therapies of our time

When it comes to transformation

small steps lead to BIG changes.

Therefore, I honor the needs and wisdom of my clients and together we shift the unconscious beliefs, identity, and behavior's- necessary - for long lasting change to occur.

I adjust, adapt, soften, and get curious about what YOU need to transform your emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and relational health while also leading the way on how to help you overcome your specific challenge with somatic trauma and attachment therapy and advanced transformational coaching and healing.

I offer a free 60 minute phone consultation to anyone who is curious about any of the 90 day transformational intensives please do schedule to learn more!

In kind regard

Lalena Fischer