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"Lalena is a brilliant, insightful, adaptable, warm professional. She’s an old soul who was born to do this work. I have had the gift of being her client and have sent many friends and colleagues to her who have reported back time after time of her compassion and care. I’m so grateful for her and what she’s brought to my own healing journey. She’s the real deal." 


- Therapist, Colorado Springs



"I was referred to Lalena for Somatic Therapy after learning of my husbands unfaithfulness. This betrayal was assaulting and revealed deep rooted pain and fear within me. The hurt was complex, multi faceted, and affected every aspect of my life.

Lalena has guided me  through the darkest days of my life with

the kindness of a true friend. It is no understatement to say that she saved my life. Through the 90 day intensive Lalena has taught me how to care for myself with compassion and grace. She has given me the tools to release years of suppressed emotion and gain power over my present and future in new and unexpected ways. I'm learning to unapologetically claim the life, love and relationships that I've always dreamed." 

~Anonymous due to confidentiality