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Transform Your Pain into
true power

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A revolutionary journey into somatic healing & personal growth

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ready  to...

Are you 

  • Dig deeper into the source of your self-sabotage so that you can break unhealthy cycles?

  • Learn tools and practices that will help you reprogram the patterns that have held you back?

  • Reclaim your personal power

    and create enough safety in your body to move from “surviving” into

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Do  you  want  to  stop  feeling...

  • burdened by unwanted reactions or triggers

  • stuck in a cycle of survival mode with coping mechanisms that are no longer serving you

  • held back by past traumas that keep you from living in your full power

and  start  feeling...

  • confident in your self-understanding and ability to thrive despite what you have endured

  • empoweredwith the skills you need to make your healing sustainable in the long term. 

  • safe enough in your body to break cycles that have held you back 

  • supported through the process by an informed and empathetic ​professional

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You CAN transform your pain into true power.

By building a profound relationship of trust, understanding, and safety with yourself and your nervous system you can become your own primary source of  discernment  love , and  trust .

The answers are already within you.


As your guide through this transformational process I will be teaching you new ways of relating to and processing your trauma that will allow you to turn the thing that hurt you most into your greatest power. 

The methods you will learn from this one-on-one intensive are the exact recipe that saved my life. The techniques and practices are a blend of my extensive training in somatic healing, internal family systems, and transformational coaching and are designed to leave you with a toolbox of skills that will last you a lifetime.

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with expert guidance

Go Further On Your Path To Healing

What is within the Intensive?

During our 13 weeks together we will utilize a combination of somatic & trauma attachment work to begin to take control over your personal narrative.


Together we will explore your core beliefs, examine your nervous system, and excavate your survival strategies so that you can reverse engineer from the inside out. 


You will leave this program with the ability to identify and

break the cycles

that have held you back.

Your Core Stories

We'll explore some of the false narratives that you have been repeating about yourself which keep you trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage. These stories create your reality, and they CAN be rewritten.

Your Nervous System

We are all wired toward survival and our bodies require a felt sense of safety in order to thrive. We will work with your nervous system as you learn to feel and then heal outdated stories.

Healing The Inner Masculine & Feminine

We'll use exercises and  visual aids to help us identify the healthy and unhealthy feminine & masculine qualities that we may be embodying and learn to find a better balance.

Intergenerational Trauma

Our goal is to get to the root of our self-sabotage so that we can fully uncover our true power. This work requires an examination of intergenerational trauma in order to fully heal. 

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"Lalena helped me to heal past traumas that I had throughout my life in weeks vs the years I had spent in talk therapy. She helped me to see the wise woman within me and love myself like I never have before. She has given me tools that will help me navigate for years to come. 

Lalena has a calm and gentle nature and creates a safe place where I feel cared for, encouraged, seen and heard. The intensive was the best gift I have ever given myself. I am beyond grateful for the care and service she provided me." 

- Accountant and Mother, Colorado Springs

Program Details

The Transform Your Pain Into True Power Trauma Intensive is a 13-week program consisting of:

9 Coaching Calls 

4: 90 minute Deep Dive Sessions

Worksheets & Practices in between each session

Business Owner

Coaching Calls

During our  coaching calls together we will work towards learning the practices and techniques that will help you rewire your nervous system to create more safety as you begin to heal. 

I will draw from my training in somatic healing, internal family systems, and advanced transformation coaching to create specific exercises that you can use for your individual journey. 

Deep Dive Sessions

Over the course of our 90-minute Deep Dive Sessions we will really dig into the heart of your triggers and patterns that no longer serve your highest good.

I will guide you through exercises to help you learn how to self-soothe as you excavate the narratives that are holding you back so that you can feel and heal your way forward. 

These sessions provide you the safety and support of a trained professional to help you learn the skills needed to self-regulate and reprogram from the inside out.

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Image by Jessica Delp

Worksheets & Practices

My goal for you during our Intensive together is to leave you feeling confident that you hold the key to your own healing.


The work that we do during our sessions will be complimented by weekly practices and worksheets that you will work on between sessions.

Each week you will be spending time with the topics and techniques that we've explored during our session and going even deeper into the concepts we've explored.


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