Transform Your Greatest Obstacle into Your Greatest Gift

Sometimes in life you need someone you can entrust ALL of yourself with. 
A confidant who see's, believe's, and welcomes all parts of you with safety, curiosity, and non-judgement.
A guide who already has the tools to help you heal what has historically held you back, so you can move forward and live the life you might have lost hope in. 

90 days to Double Your Energy

Ready to double your energy, loose the extra weight, and bring your hormones into balance for greater quality of life?

This intensive is super fun and will have you feeling awesome in no time! 


Transform Your Pain in 90 days

This Intensive is for you if you are feeling held back by emotional pain, a difficult past, childhood trauma, relationship struggles, or any form of hurt that manifests physically or emotionally. I specialize is helping re-pattern and rewire hurt into healing. 


Physical and Emotional 90 day hybrid Intensive


Many people discover on their journey that emotional and physical health are inextricably intertwined.


This intensive if for those who desire addressing both simultaneously. 

More coming here soon.

Womens Health 90 day Intensive

This intensive is for women who are desirous of awaking their feminine energy for enhanced relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment. As well as finding your optimal hormonal balance and healthy lifestyle. More coming soon.


Anyone who is interested in any of the 90 day transformational intensives is joyfully invited to a free 60 consultation to discover whether of not a intensive is the best fit for you! 


"Lalena's wellness program helped me make a shift around my daily eating routines that resulted in me getting 100% clear on making better food choices and timing choices. These two big shifts alone (and there were others too!) have lasted for more than 6 months for me and continue to gift me with improved health. I am not the same person as before I took her course. I love the new me". - 

Helene Van Manen. Master Certified Coach.