On the Spring Equinox of March 19th 2020 

    Heal Thyself to Heal The Planet

     will be launched.


    This 90 day Transformational Intensive is customized to meet your specific and unique health and healing goals with the following healing modalities

    • Advanced Health and Life Coaching

    • Somatic Trauma and Attachment Therapy

    • How to nurture your relationship to the natural world and reduce your carbon footprint

    With Advanced Health and Life Coaching you will

    • Identify and address your #1 health concern 

    • Learn the fine art of habit change and how to make your new and healthy habits stick long-term

    • Uncover how and why you self-sabotage

    • Identify your life's purpose and your mission on planet earth

    • Identify and learn how to align with your full potential

    With Somatic Trauma and Attachment Therapy you will 

    • Heal limiting belief systems that keep you stuck in self-sabotage

    • Sooth your survival brain so change can happen without excessive overwhelm

    • Set up healthy boundaries necessary for your own healing

    • Address any survivors guilt or shame you may carry for becoming your best self

    • Heal past traumas with the most current cutting-edge nervous system modalities

    • Establish strong self-care rituals

    • Earn self-trust

    • Connect with an overwhelming sense of self-love and self-compassion as you unlock information from the "darker" parts of yourself

    With how to nurture your relationship to the natural world and reduce your carbon footprint you will

    • Receive practices throughout the program to help nurture your relationship to the natural world.

    • Receive deeply inspiring stories about human being who have protected mother nature and made huge strides in living their life's purpose.

    • Receive inspired action steps on how you can help save our planet by lessening your carbon footprint as we enter what ecologist are calling the 6th mass extinction on planet earth.


    During Heal Thyself to Heal the Planet you will receive

    • Weekly 45-60-minute one-on-one sessions with Laleña via phone or zoom for 13 weeks

    • Customized homework and action steps to do in between sessions to support long lasting change

    • Email support between sessions to support accountability

    • An (optional) Facebook group with others enrolled in the intensive for support, inspiration, witnessing, and connection.


    "Lalena's wellness program helped me make a shift around my daily eating routines that resulted in me getting 100% clear on making better food choices and timing choices. These two big shifts alone (and there were others too!) have lasted for more than 6 months for me and continue to gift me with improved health. I am not the same person as before I took her course. I love the new me". - 

    Helene Van Manen. Master Certified Coach.