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 I  work with people who long for the energy to embody their full potential. I help them double their energy and embark on the life of their dreams.


Double your energy in 90 days Transformational Intensive is for you if you are experiencing:

*Difficulty taking on life's challenges


*Excess weight

*Hormonal imbalance


*Chronic exhaustion ​

*Mild anxiety or depression

*Multiple food allergies


*Low blood sugar

*Unexplained hair loss

*Low body temperature

*Thin dry skin

*Alternating diarrhea or constipation

*Life chronically feeling like "to much"

Hi! I am Lalena Fischer and I am a Master Transformational Health and Trauma Coach and I specialize  in adrenal fatigue, weight-loss, and hormonal balancing. 

  In Double Your Energy In 90 days Transformational Intensive you will receive:

*One session a week for 12 weeks ranging from 45 mins to 75 minutes long

*Unlimited text and email support Monday-Friday from

9 am-6 pm

*Sessions customized to meet your specific needs

*Excellent handouts to support you long after your intensive

*Homework and action steps between each session 


When it comes to transformation

Small steps lead to BIG changes.

Therefore, I honor the needs and wisdom of my clients and together we shift the unconscious beliefs, identity, and behavior's- necessary - for long lasting change to occur.

I adjust, adapt, soften, and get curious about what YOU need to transform your health, while also leading the way on how to help you overcome your specific health concern.

I offer a free 60 minute phone consultation to anyone who is curious about any of the 90 day intensives please do schedule to learn more!

In kind regard

Lalena Fischer