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"I have tried many different forms of therapy over the years such as CBT and DBT. These were helpful in helping me control thoughts but never got to the root of the problem to where it could help calm and realign my central nervous system. 


I have been working with Lalena for over a year now and can't believe the progress I've made with emotional regulation. Lalena's soft voice combined with her compassion and empathy has been helping me heal deep-seated wounds, not just cognitively but physically. I can get out of bed now and look forward to my day without any pharmaceuticals. 


Lalena has a true calling for healing others. This is what she was meant to do in this lifetime. I genuinely physically feel the difference just from talking with her. If I'm having a tough week I am able to keep my spirits up knowing I'll see Lalena and be able to work it out. If you have an open mind and are ready to help heal yourself, I can't think of a better healer to work with than Lalena. She has a true gift to share with others."

- Ongoing Client

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