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Hello! My name is Laleña Fischer (she/her) and I founded Somatic Healing because I truly believe that somatic therapy is what gave me my life back. There are challenging events many of us have endured that our minds alone cannot heal, because "the body keeps the score" as Bessel Van Der Kolk would say.


Did you know that the subconscious mind is responsible for 80% of what we perceive in ourselves, others, and the world at large? The subconscious mind is literally painting the present moment with the colors and shades of the past. This is the nature of the survival/instinctual part of the brain and without it none of us would be here today. With somatic therapy we are able to safely access the stories and records of the past and slowly, but surely renegotiate the core conditioning of the subconscious mind. This allows for inner freedom where the true and authentic self can be born and eventually with practice, embodied. 

Often my clients will say something like, " I don't know why I react this way, I know its irrational, I don't want to feel this way, and yet my body has this involuntary reaction when x, y, or z happens." Experiencing a involuntary trigger or somatic symptom points us to the hurts of the past. With somatic therapy and parts work we are able to access those hurts and together repair pain that often, remains unconscious. 

After having embarked on my own journey of moving from disembodiment and fragmentation to embodiment and self love. I know the vulnerability and tenderness of meeting hurt parts of self. Therefore, anyone, from ALL walks of life is honored in my office with the utmost hope, hospitality, curiosity, and compassion. You are your own person and it is my job to honor the health inherent in your system.

I am a certified somatic trauma and attachment therapist, certified master transformational health and life coach, trauma informed care practitioner, licensed massage therapist, and yoga instructor. It is my mission to help those who have been blown out of there bodies and hearts in order to survive, to find wholeness, solace, self love and self trust. 

Beyond the passion I find within my work, I am found happiest with my family, exploring the natural world, gardening, traveling, backpacking, and homesteading/ home making.

I offer a free complimentary phone consultation to anyone curious about the somatic approach to healing. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

All Blessings,

Laleña Fischer


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung


I have struggled with emotional regulation and depression/anxiety for most of my life. I have been a small business owner for over 7 years now and the overwhelming stress of it all finally started taking it's toll on me. I got to a point where my body kept cramping up on me daily and I started having daily heart palpitations. I had no idea how to handle these sudden health issues. First I went to my internal medicine doctor, they ran all kinds of tests on me and had nothing to give me but muscle relaxers. My body was screaming at me but I had no tools to access it or listen to it until I found Lalena and STR. 


I have tried many different forms of therapy over the years such as CBT and DBT. These were helpful in helping me control thoughts but never got to the root of the problem to where it could help calm and realign my central nervous system. 


I have been working with Lalena for over a year now and can't believe the progress I've made with emotional regulation. Lalena's soft voice combined with her compassion and empathy has been helping me heal deep-seated wounds, not just cognitively but physically. I can get out of bed now and look forward to my day without any pharmaceuticals. 


Lalena has a true calling for healing others. This is what she was meant to do in this lifetime. I genuinely physically feel the difference just from talking with her. If I'm having a tough week I am able to keep my spirits up knowing I'll see Lalena and be able to work it out. If you have an open mind and are ready to help heal yourself, I can't think of a better healer to work with than Lalena. She has a true gift to share with others. 

Business Owner, Colorado Springs