As a survivor myself I know what it is like to experience involuntary feelings or triggers that make little sense in the present moment, and instead point to the pain of the past. I know what it is like for the nervous system to be stuck in a perpetual state of flight, fight, freeze, or fawn and for talk therapy and top down approach's to be absent of the relief your emotional world and body is truly longing for.

It is my mission to provide to the world what was missing in my healing journey for the first decade.


Your body knows how to Transform Your Pain into true Power and I am here to create the safety necessary for you to embark upon this courageous journey of a life time. 

I am a forever student and I derive profound meaning and purpose from my work and I am always expanding my skill set. Because trauma is complex and impacts every part of us; emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

Therefore, transformational healing requires my consistent courtship on all the levels.


I am human being just like you and I prioritize my own growth and healing to ensure I am showing up as a sacred mirror that can reflect back to you, your own personal power. 

Meet Laleña

Hi! I am Lalena Fischer and I am a somatic trauma and attachment therapist, trauma informed practitioner, and master transformational trauma coach.


It is my mission to empower trauma survivors to transform their pain into true power by embarking upon the path of embodiment.

In order to endure trauma often times we have to become disembodied, which requires self-abandonment and disconnection from the authentic self. This fragmentation leaves survivors with a loss of self, and results in a lack of self love and self trust. My job is to give you the tools to resurrect what has been lost and release internalized pain or shame that never belonged to you. 

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Education & Experience

  • Shambava School of Yoga Certification, CYI 2009

  • Integrative Massage Therapist License, MT 2013

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution Certification, STR 2015

  • Trauma Informed Practitioner Certification, TIP 2015

  • Dynamic Somatic Attachment Repatterning Experience and Certification, DaRE 2018

  • Master Transformational Coach Certification, TCM 2019

  • Health and Life Coach Certification, CHC 2019

  • Extensive study on all things Neuroscience with Joe Dispenza and beyond.

  • Extensive study on Feminine and Masculine essence with Alison Armstrong, David Deida and many more.

Get To Know


  •  I believe that what you want, wants you.

  • I am entirely to comfortable with curse words and I LOVE creating the safety necessary for my clients to do "the work" in a way they have never done before.

  • I believe that learning how to safely release "negative" emotion and embodying the change we wish to see in the world is the key to healing our bodies and our planet.

  • I believe that self love and self trust is born out of embodiment.

  • Living intrinsically connected to the natural world is a high value of mine. And I greatly encourage my clients to spend time in nature for  optimal emotional and spiritual health.

  • Somatic therapy and transformational coaching has empowered me to overcome my trauma history and is where the rubber hit the road on my healing journey. Saving me literally thousands of dollars and several years of my life. 


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"I was referred to Lalena for Somatic Therapy after learning of my husbands unfaithfulness. This betrayal was assaulting and revealed deep rooted pain and fear within me. The hurt was complex, multi faceted, and affected every aspect of my life.

Lalena has guided me  through the darkest days of my life with

the kindness of a true friend. It is no understatement to say that she saved my life. Through the 90 day intensive Lalena has taught me how to care for myself with compassion and grace. She has given me the tools to release years of suppressed emotion and gain power over my present and future in new and unexpected ways. I'm learning to unapologetically claim the life, love and relationships that I've always dreamed." 

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Are You  

Please feel free to schedule a free 15 minutes consultation to see if the somatic approach to healing is what you've been waiting for!